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martedì 2 marzo 2021

Conversation starters and triggers

 I´ve been already thinking about the power of the dialectic in many ways lately. Sincerely I experienced many episodes in which I recognised I wasn’t really able to react to certain „triggers“, giving me only the motivation to elaborate that message (that was pushing) in my mind. I simply asked to myself, how come this…trying putting some order in my consciousness probably.

Anyway, it would be a lie to say that my actual course of UX design inspires me or encourage me to take a position of courage when infront of some "actionable“ situations. Exactly, I use this word why these situations probably expects a manouver from me. It also may happen, that I could not even recognise myself as soon as after being picking the chosen reaction to that trigger´s point. 

Ux design is teaching me how many systems can be improved. I used to think that a digital product from a very big company is surely a "Mercedes benz" prototype. But as my tutor said, I should know that even systems created by big societies may contain something to be improved. And I’m so happy to confirm this now!

I claimed to myself: All I really wanna do is to „listen“ to the feature I’m experiencing. But what to do if it didn’t talk to me at all? A checkmark, a blackcolor, a circle shape. But, what does it want to communicate me? I really didn’t reach that point of shrewdness, would tell me somebody.
And then I started seeing more clearly, I felt in communication with the path I’m doing "hand to hand“ with that system.
„Dear system, where are you if I’m walking with you in this path? You impersoned the guide that is procrastinating just after my question of where to go, and in the meanwhile you look at your clock or you indicate that probably is coming the shepherd which is well informed of this place“. 

I did some explorations and I take advantage of the dialectic thoughts I get in my mind. I think dialect helps us to react with measure to what we passively receive from the outside. IT is related to the folks´s language and this means the population that tried to live buying, selling, comparing, evaluating, deciding if something worths to buy to satisfy the needs at home, while outside between merchants and other consumers. There must be also the „jolly“ of the neighbourhood. 

Lately I just thought „ok, now I know what’s the reason of humanity is. Creating products“ 
But please, don’t take me too seriously. That’s a circle of thoughts and probably some dramatic moments I experienced gave me the prompt to follow, in this path of the research of the meaning of life.

The flow of the folk is surely to bring the issues to be more or less satisfied toward the accomplishment of the daytime. I see how focused is my mother in doing the tasks of what probably the society (that belongs to that limited territor, which is the circle of the city) established many times ago, in some ways, instilled in certain generations. Probably it would be very hard for those people thinking differently. And also quite dramatic if the „carriage“ has no to be pushed as before. In this case, they should find other occupations in something else more enjoyable. 

It would be a lie if I wouldn’t mention that I come from a specific nation and now settled in germany. I speak three languages quite good and the „high“ status of meanings is well understood everywhere. But how come that dialectic has many other words or expressions in its dictionary? This language has experienced other pieces of lives.
We could associate even some vulgar tones or vulgar expressions to this kinda of language which is connected to the impetus. 

I can imagine that impetus, in our way to experience certain things, can help us to make up our minds and let us say „oh wait a moment, I just think this seat is simply uncomfortable“ while attending a seminar.
But some other people just sit there with the already focused intention to listen what the seminarist will say, maybe to find some critique points or to take advantage of what’s new will be learned. 
I just think that the person that reacted with impetus did some „design“, from my current point of view.

I like languages and I like to keep this part of us, of me, „malleable“. And now I’m trying to not neglect some instinct, when something doesn't fit well to me. I give myself a time constraint to join things not only with the eyes, but suddenly also while jumping out from the chair in the role of the observer. Caring of my backside that wants to "walk" and not stay sitted for too long. Probably I am two.

venerdì 26 febbraio 2021

The experience of a legacy

If you have been following some music blogs you will certainly noticed how in two decades some words did have find their routine in the copyright of texts and headlines: album of the decade; hype; and many other I don’t remember anymore. 

I remember about Hype, and other words those blogs used as if the success of those musical products was already signed by the success. A kinda of early expectation that makes you welcome this musical project with lot of acceptance.

I´m not so sure I wanna make references to the music industry but if we think about products that lasts forever, we have to think about the concept of legacy. The legacy is the trademark of how the product developed in its timeline and why not, how this product just after its existence, left his mark in the history.

Sometimes the legacy seems not be yet accomplished and probably the house of production is only waiting for the perfect moment to give an end to that successful product, with a big applause, in the most ideal way, something like „and then it’d be like this forever and ever“.

The thing is that giving a point of end to a certain legacy sounds like any other than a marketing solution.
Does it really exist the end point of a legacy? Does a legacy means an experience that develops forever and ever toward the future in many forms and ways? Until it last forever is a legacy. And probably it is simply made to last forever for its uniqueness.

The word legacy makes me think also about tv-series or movies with a certain number of evolutions. At the end they have reached an end point but at least they leave the user (the watcher) with a certain feeling that that fabulous mission or thing would have been existing over and over again, in the times of the future. We could compare this to a scene where the brighting star meant for us to be reached disappears in the galaxy and salute us while her mission touches other mysterious worlds, unknown to us. This left us so thankful about how special was the thing we had experienced.

I was also thinking that the legacy can be also written by the fans, or users, it self. „How do you wish it ends?“. But are you a truly connoisseur of the validity of its mission if you wish for the best end? I mean, does it really a legacy have sense if it doesn’t accompanies you at least until the end of life ? And if it disappears, how can you live without not hoping at all that one day the legacy will be live again.

It has probably something to do with the fictional realities and none fictional. The film, for example, is there, and after a petition probably can be re-taken, dusted off and re-programmed to be showed again and maybe once again, or twice, ok. That’s how it re-lives in our life experience. But then, just say goodbye.

But what about if a legacy started to be defined by people. At a certain point, when a group of people are doing a particularly enjoyable activity, it turns to be a legacy probably. At this point, should I call those people missionaries ?

The word Mission (says Wikipedia) derived from the latin word missionem, meaning „act of sending“ or mittere, meaning „to send“.
So the people who can be recognised as missionaries are definitely people who are „called“ and I mean with devotion, to accomplish a project, establishing an idea in a territory, in a small society. 

Well, I still believe I’m talking about, design, target audience, design thinking, user needs, creativity, usability and about the idea or project that finds its place in the market.
It sounds to me like a proper design thinking, sincerely. 

What I said, is for me truly inspiring and it represent a motivation to explore more about the topics of „experience flow“ and what we like to do.
For the moment I say „Vielen Dank for Eure Bestellung ..“, as if it is the thing which we are called to accomplish daily. So, Thank you for your purchase, and you will probably hear from me again about this topic.

sabato 20 febbraio 2021


I recognise these words had some kinda of a certain resonance when I was in my younger age. I tried to get why pretending such a challenge by somebody else. Where do this emergency come from in asking somebody to "dance" your tune. 

Even if this sounded quite bulling I was part of the spice team and I totally married this concept: to get to that place you need to show us your best skills. probably the hidden ones.
Som guess what? I simply thought it was about the „others“ not me. I thought simply that that´s exactly like this that this works: they should show what’s inside.
Probably the spice girls where referring to the chances of a guy in impressing a girl with his dance moves (and don’t only!) but what I meant to say was about the skills of drawing. Right, drawing. Can you relize how magical is to take simply a white paper and create your such definitive „moves“ with the lines?
So, basically time has flowned and the meaning of those words need changed. It was always about the others. Not about me. I just felt in my safe position I was doing my stuff.
I may ask to myself now, how then was I figuring out my position on the „dance floor“. Yes, because it was a dance floor, something that I never really enjoyed. I simply was not that type of guy. That was too embarrassing. And pity to say that things never changed. 
But I truly believe there was some dancing in me, I knew it just because I knew that it was all about the others, not me. 

Probably, as in many ways and in different stages of life happens, you need at a certain point to realize where in the back are you staying. 

but who again. me or the others? This must need some sweated t-shirts to understand. But if I think twice, what’s need to be analysed is surely my pleasure and my clear position in thinking „yeh, exactly, it’s about you.“ What is understood is that listening to that Spice Girls´sond made me steel feeling to their side while keeping faith in what I was doing. 

I already once „time is flowned“ and now I find myself here and now thinking about all this suff. I quite love the Spice Girls and what’s new is that I’ve just started experimenting my user experience designer´s skills in a facebook group of Melanie C. I fill the users with a selection of video contents enriched with strategic sentences. Isn’t it funny? and still…in other words but I still got the moves. I only need to prove it.

This is the Facebook group in which I use my skills as a NEWLY experience designer. I'm intended to let the users enjoying many of the available video contents on youtube, addressing to a new "appeal" of the descriptions and generating the hype. Here's the link of the Group: MELANIE C World

Some of the textual contributions which I'm quite proud of:

"Surely, Melanie doesn't really need her most dramatic eye-liner at all, not even the right high-heels shoes to hit up the stage. But lucky you, all this glam is exactly what you will get by watching this performance. In addition to this, you will assist to the most good Melanie´s quality in shaking up the public with a famous song by The Queen!
This is "One Vision". Here the Link

"How much of yourself are you ready to give to feel acclaimed? And what's the price behind it? Take it or leave it, are the cynical words, but Melanie doesn't think twice to play her cards.
Wearing the most edgiest look she ever worn, Melanie is the answer to go beyond the surface, when you need to find yourself in the crowd.
This is her single "Next best superstar".“ Here the Link

"Smoky shadows can be threatening only when you are scared of the unknown. Sometimes only a red light can remember you that is all a staging and as soon as the curtains fall down, everything comes back to the reality.
This is a good intro to introduce you to this visually eclectic performance of "Blame it on me".
Don´t forget to turn off the light in your room. Melanie will provide you with all the safetiness that you'll need, just in case you would suddenly realise that your life is surrounded by masques." Here is the Link

sabato 30 gennaio 2021

Illuminant, do you have this word in german?

Today I had a walk with a friend and we started talking as we were used to do. But even if so Many things changed lately, still that shadow in me appeared again and it shows up with my insecurity to not have much to say. Probably many people know how challenging small talk can be for introverts but, is it really that the point? Doing small talk? Maybe we are simply used to talk with another consciousness. Today has been for me all so different. Since we started our conversation finally in a more engaging way, all I can say is that today I felt driven but a certain feeling of discovery. While having this conversation, In my mind started a mechanisms in which the pieces were finding their connection and my voice, as if pushed by another kind of energy was doing the magic. 

The reason was because I started sharing my thoughts about how interesting my new journey in the UX Design is. What pushed me going out from my room and meeting a friend turned out to be one of that kind of traps that brings you meeting yourself consciousness. While walking the scenario started to change and for the first time since very long time I started to put less attention to the glimpses of the city around me. This was all because our conversation about design began to involve other hidden energies in me. While proceeding with the conversation I felt moved by how much I was able to surprised myself with the fact that all the things I studied lately with my UX design course just came up to my mind. I must have done it probbaly, did I? I used that specific engaging topic to defend myself in the position of entertainer, giving and providing company. But a part of me still is impressed about what it is really happened. Was is really magic? It was when I started feeling overwhelmed and I could see the form of what we were speaking about, the form of our communication. It was all projected toward the front in its tubular shape. Like wavy formes that evolves one after another one and I did perceive this clearly as index of energy that propagates.

Our mind is definitely complicated, so humans too. That was no magic, but only what our mind usually does when starts associating things each other. This goes on until we find reasons and then we feel illuminated because of that feeling of discovery. Something like that moment when you say “yes, now I understand”. But as I said our mind is so complicated, still and even now I may be trying to influence myself with a restricted point of view of all the things that happened. It was in that way, it must have been been like that. But how can that flow be so visible to me in following a specific direction. Even if the conversation I had with this friend of mine was pointing far, how can I explain that smoke we breathed. That smokey cloud we were in. That atmosphere that kept us far away from the city we were living in.

One recognised this, it was all still funny to me. Speaking a new language is also not so easy for me, especially if you learn it as adult. To let the others better understand me when I speak, I also put attention to the right words. But Sometimes I only break the rules and the way I find so ideal how a roman word just sounds alike represents for me the moment where I finally dominate the conversation. Movey by a sassy state of mind I decide to fight for that word. Such as a knight of the oldest times, I pull out my sword and I pronounce it. “Das finde ich so illuminant” - “Do you have the word Illuminant in German?”. 

What today happened must have been while I in another dimension, in a city that steals probably too  much my attention. Infact, learning about human behavior in my UX Design course has never been so appropriate. I assume that what I experienced today was what Csikszentmihalyi call the “flow experience” and all I can say is that living things in a special way was today not the first time since I´m studing UX Design.

I still remember of me talking today about design and of that feeling. The innermost part of me has a clear voice now and it says “I recall”.

domenica 12 novembre 2017

Selection I COLORI DEL SACRO - nona rassegna internazionale di illustrazione (Padova, Italy)



20 Januar- 24 Juni 2018
Museo Diocesano (Padova, Italy)


Piazza Duomo 11/12 - 35141 Padova tel. 049 8761924, fax 049 8210085 - 
I colori del sacro 
nona rassegna internazionale di illustrazione 
Padova, Museo Diocesano 
20 gennaio – 24 giugno 2018

martedì 29 agosto 2017

My postcard for the MIGRATIONS Exhibition - Bibiana 2017

MIGRATIONS // 08 - 30 September 2017 BIBIANA (Slovakia)
an exhibition of the International Centre for the Picture Book in Society

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