martedì 2 marzo 2021

Conversation starters and triggers

 I´ve been already thinking about the power of the dialectic in many ways lately. Sincerely I experienced many episodes in which I recognised I wasn’t really able to react to certain „triggers“, giving me only the motivation to elaborate that message (that was pushing) in my mind. I simply asked to myself, how come this…trying putting some order in my consciousness probably.

Anyway, it would be a lie to say that my actual course of UX design inspires me or encourage me to take a position of courage when infront of some "actionable“ situations. Exactly, I use this word why these situations probably expects a manouver from me. It also may happen, that I could not even recognise myself as soon as after being picking the chosen reaction to that trigger´s point. 

Ux design is teaching me how many systems can be improved. I used to think that a digital product from a very big company is surely a "Mercedes benz" prototype. But as my tutor said, I should know that even systems created by big societies may contain something to be improved. And I’m so happy to confirm this now!

I claimed to myself: All I really wanna do is to „listen“ to the feature I’m experiencing. But what to do if it didn’t talk to me at all? A checkmark, a blackcolor, a circle shape. But, what does it want to communicate me? I really didn’t reach that point of shrewdness, would tell me somebody.
And then I started seeing more clearly, I felt in communication with the path I’m doing "hand to hand“ with that system.
„Dear system, where are you if I’m walking with you in this path? You impersoned the guide that is procrastinating just after my question of where to go, and in the meanwhile you look at your clock or you indicate that probably is coming the shepherd which is well informed of this place“. 

I did some explorations and I take advantage of the dialectic thoughts I get in my mind. I think dialect helps us to react with measure to what we passively receive from the outside. IT is related to the folks´s language and this means the population that tried to live buying, selling, comparing, evaluating, deciding if something worths to buy to satisfy the needs at home, while outside between merchants and other consumers. There must be also the „jolly“ of the neighbourhood. 

Lately I just thought „ok, now I know what’s the reason of humanity is. Creating products“ 
But please, don’t take me too seriously. That’s a circle of thoughts and probably some dramatic moments I experienced gave me the prompt to follow, in this path of the research of the meaning of life.

The flow of the folk is surely to bring the issues to be more or less satisfied toward the accomplishment of the daytime. I see how focused is my mother in doing the tasks of what probably the society (that belongs to that limited territor, which is the circle of the city) established many times ago, in some ways, instilled in certain generations. Probably it would be very hard for those people thinking differently. And also quite dramatic if the „carriage“ has no to be pushed as before. In this case, they should find other occupations in something else more enjoyable. 

It would be a lie if I wouldn’t mention that I come from a specific nation and now settled in germany. I speak three languages quite good and the „high“ status of meanings is well understood everywhere. But how come that dialectic has many other words or expressions in its dictionary? This language has experienced other pieces of lives.
We could associate even some vulgar tones or vulgar expressions to this kinda of language which is connected to the impetus. 

I can imagine that impetus, in our way to experience certain things, can help us to make up our minds and let us say „oh wait a moment, I just think this seat is simply uncomfortable“ while attending a seminar.
But some other people just sit there with the already focused intention to listen what the seminarist will say, maybe to find some critique points or to take advantage of what’s new will be learned. 
I just think that the person that reacted with impetus did some „design“, from my current point of view.

I like languages and I like to keep this part of us, of me, „malleable“. And now I’m trying to not neglect some instinct, when something doesn't fit well to me. I give myself a time constraint to join things not only with the eyes, but suddenly also while jumping out from the chair in the role of the observer. Caring of my backside that wants to "walk" and not stay sitted for too long. Probably I am two.

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